How to change file name of multiple files so that i can add a name in front of the name of the file?

i have a folder which has lots of folders and files inside it, and i want to add a name in front of all files like file.txt becomes


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There is a simple built-in method in Windows. First you just need to select all your files you wish to rename. You can go to Edit > Select all or press Ctrl + A.

Now you can right-click and choose Rename or you can press F2, which is the windows shortcut. Now you just need to rename the first file to whatever you wish. Once you rename the first file you can press enter, this will rename all the files you have selected to this name with a unique number appended to the end.

Personally, I find this method a bit lacking and prefer to use a program with advanced features. I recommend A.F.5 which is a free file renaming program. There are many more options to choose from with A.F.5 than with the method built-into Windows.

A.F.5 makes it easy to rename many files at the same time. Drag and drop your files from Microsoft® Windows® Explorer to the window of A.F.5, build new filenames and click Rename.