HTC Kamera tidak auto focus

Selasa, 21 Januari 2014

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Dari hari Senin 20 Januari 2014 setelah antar neng ke dokter gigi di FKG Jalan Sekeloa, lalu waktu mau foto kuitansi tidak jelas, jadi keesokan harinya kejadian lagi waktu mau foto bukti transfer pembayaran ke mitra baru tidak bisa fokus juga, akhirnya search di goggle didapat di alamat sbb:

Ini mensolusi, dan kejadian lagi tanggal 7 Juli 2014 (karena pernah jatuh dari meja samping tempat tidur), dan it’s work again!!

Setelah settingan di bawah, lakukan shutdown dulu. Maka akan normal lagi.


I have had many issues with my HTC One camera in the past apart from the fact that it’s horrible in low-light conditions. I have dropped the phone multiple times, scraping the beautiful matte black finish of it. Recently my camera started going out-of-focus. It just would not focus on anything near by or even at a distance & would immediately lose focus. I tried restarting settings, checked if the Auto-focus lock is on etc. but nothing worked. And yeah I even have a dark purple tint almost all over when the camera is covered with any object.

– First try to focus on anything possible, even if it isnt too much. Far or near does not matter. Just get a clear picture somehow of anything. Lock your focus at that point for a few seconds. (Keep trying till you get a clear picture)
Image adjustments – Contrast: 0.5 / Saturation: -0.5
– ISO: 400
– White Balance – AUTO
– Settings – Apps – ALL – Camera – Force Stop – clear cache – clear data

After making all these changes I have successfully managed to get my focus back in a perfect working condition. Don’t worry about dropping the phone as long as your lens is intact. The focus does not have impact from the phone dropping. The tint is still there but has not creeped into any pictures & hence not a problem for me. Do try this & let me know how it works for you as there are a lot of people facing this problem. My phone is not covered under warranty and hence couldn’t even get a replacement. Had to figure a way out myself.